Apr 272015

Every minority that has gained acceptance in the US has gained it be beginning with cuisine.

Therefore, I propose that part of the reason that LGBT acceptance is at what must almost be the tail end of minorities is the lack of a “gay quisine”. Note: “Brunch” doesn’t count…

The closest I’ve come in my life was a gay bar in Pittsburgh years ago that had a baked chicken with brie and apricot preserves entree, and honestly, that can’t compare to Pho, or curry, or Guinness, or lasagne, or hummus, or any of a thousand other dishes that our culture has absorbed.

Despite that lack, we’re still on the cusp of equality. (And let’s be glad that it wasn’t sponsored by Apple, otherwise we would be fighting for iquality…)

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Apr 262015

From George Takei’s facebook:

Friends, on Tuesday the U.S. Supreme Court hears the case that might finally bring marriage equality to all 50 states. I’m changing my profile for 48 hours (using the special tool at http://equality.georgetakei.com) to show my support. I address this not to my LGBT fans, but rather to our straight allies: We cannot do this without you. Stand with us, ?#?makeitcount?, and together we will achieve equality for all.

NOTE- Your overwhelming support has Takei’d the site. Please be patient with it and it will be up in no time.


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G had a busy day…

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Apr 252015

So G woke up at 4am to do a band field trip that included Schlitterbahn. She comes home, and says:

I’m going to take a nap, but be sure to wake me up.

I was reminded of this picture from years back:

Refusing to sleep

Refusing to sleep

Needless to say, she is still asleep.

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Apr 202015


As a gay man…

You know, don’t serve me pizza, fine, I’ll eat elsewhere. I don’t want your hate-filled cake at my wedding. I can get my car fixed anywhere else without having to show a CHL. I can buy flowers anywhere else that will be assembled caringly, not with resentment.

But if you as a pediatrician can’t be a good doctor to ANY child for ANY reason, you should just retire. This makes pharmacists that won’t give out plan B look almost human.

The phrase “first, do no harm” should also apply to this “pediatrician’s” reputation.

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What’s wrong with this picture?

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Feb 262015
What's wrong with this picture?

<http://www.chron.com/news/politics/texas/article/State-leaders-celebrate-ten-years-without-6101014.php> (No, really. Go read the whole thing and come back here…) I also like to think that the flavor chosen was “Pyrrhic Velvet”, but that might be a touch snarky. It is doubtful that anyone was wiping frosting off their nose a few moments later, and even more doubtful that anyone stepped on a

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Dec 242014

The Ref has very few family-friendly quotable lines, but: Gus: What is the matter with you? I thought Mothers were sweet and nice a-a-and patient. I know loan sharks who are more forgiving than you. Your husband ain’t dead, lady. He’s hiding. Connie Chasseur: Who would catch a criminal, and then let him go free?

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