Nov 082015

We whiled away a delightful and filling evening with Didi and Torsten, gorging ourselves on a delicious steak dinner and earlier munchies. Then, to top things off, G and her friend decided they wanted to bake some dessert while the menfolk sat on their asses and watched UT decimate Kansas.

Those of you who have watched “The IT Crowd” will understand that I’m telling you that what is on G’s face is chocolate.

And, as always, I remain convinced that the best sound in the world is my daughter’s laughter.


IMG_20151107_214525 IMG_20151107_214602


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Credit where credit is due…

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Nov 052015

They said the rain would begin at 11pm. With the garage door open, I was able to verify this as true within 2 minutes error. Well done, forecasters. I would raise a glass to you, except that:

The drinking game still holds true. As a reminder, the key words are:

  • shelter
  • precaution
  • evacuation
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An economic technicality…

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Oct 052015

Technically, I never could boycott chick-fil-a, because I never ate there. Similarly, I cannot support Doritos rainbow Doritos, because I don’t eat them anyway. It’s probably too much to simply acknowledge that most sushi joints already have a “rainbow roll”…

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Always the best part of my night…

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Oct 052015

is helping G with homework. She came down for help with math early today, and we got that out of the way easily. She easily learned where the parenthesis belong with cross-products. Then, she wanted help with a short story. I gave her a few paragraphs and a funny ending. She re-wrote everything, and returned

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A full weekend of anniversaries…

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Sep 272015

So, if we go by the eventually allowed marriage certificate, Cy and I have been married a whole three months since yesterday. If we go by our accounting, we’ve been together 30 years today. The best part of my day? Telling Cy to go back to sleep while I help G with her homework. He’s


Another good day with G…

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Sep 102015

While Cy is rehearsing for SJB, I get to single-parent. Tonight, I got to help not only with math, but with a book report as well. Her summer reading was a book we shared in her youth, and she needed some help identifying foreshadowing. In “Ender’s Game”. I mean, come on. That’s TOO easy! She

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Jun 272015
What has four thumbs and a filed marriage license?

I would like to thank: My parents and my in-laws (no longer out-laws!) for providing such an excellent example of commitment. The Travis County Clerk’s office, specifically: Dana Debeauvoir, for leading such a great team who made us feel welcome from beginning to end ¬†Adrian R., our clerk, who helped us by walking us through

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Apr 272015

Every minority that has gained acceptance in the US has gained it be beginning with cuisine. Therefore, I propose that part of the reason that LGBT acceptance is at what must almost be the tail end of minorities is the lack of a “gay quisine”. Note: “Brunch” doesn’t count… The closest I’ve come in my

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Apr 262015
Equality is coming. Are you on the right side of it?

From George Takei’s facebook: Friends, on Tuesday the U.S. Supreme Court hears the case that might finally bring marriage equality to all 50 states. I’m changing my profile for 48 hours (using the special tool at to show my support. I address this not to my LGBT fans, but rather to our straight allies:

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G had a busy day…

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Apr 252015
G had a busy day...

So G woke up at 4am to do a band field trip that included Schlitterbahn. She comes home, and says: I’m going to take a nap, but be sure to wake me up. I was reminded of this picture from years back: Needless to say, she is still asleep.

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