That’s what she said.

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Jan 102016

Last night, we lost a dear friend who brought joy into the life of everyone he met.

For example, from my 30th birthday surprise party:

Robert started the whole "stripping clown" thing

(Robert started the whole “stripping clown” thing)

His daughter and G were the original “Aristocrats” for Wand…

Our original "Aristocrats"

Our original “Aristocrats” – it really is QUITE different!

And he was the first recipient of the revenge surprise party…

Follow the link only if you really want to know what the cake said...

Follow the link only if you really want to know what the cake said…

Wherever Robert went, joy followed. The world is less without him. Fuck cancer.

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Jan 092016

I’ve been friends with a couple of guys for 20 years now (since it’s 2016, officially). They’ve been best friends since long before I met them. Tonight, I got a call from one of them, confirming my worst fear – the other one is now officially in hospice, and is sinking fast, leaving behind a wife and young daughter. The phrase “too soon” is an understatement.

Those of you that have known me for any length of time will probably recall a time when there has been a stripping clown. This guy is the reason. Most of my memories of him involve me laughing to the point where inhaling air HURT. He is responsible for my antitheist preference for “I acknowledge your sneeze without further comment” over “Bless you.”

I have a “trophy shelf” in my office. On it are many mementos, such as the doorbell from my Grandma Tonne’s house (one of my earliest memories). On it also are at LEAST 3 items from when he and I worked together, not the least of which is a “mulimedia etch-a-sketch”. (The two others I can think of without going up there are “Catbert” and “Birdbert”…)

For the first time since he got sick, he wants visitors. For that reason alone, I fear that it will not be long before he is taken from us forever. I asked G to join us for the visit – and she, being the kind soul that she has always been, said, and I quote:

I want to go see him anyway. If you told me you were going I would probably ask to come.

My daughter, ladies and gentlemen. Even as my heart is breaking, it swells with pride. I’m trying to brace myself to be brave, and funny, and touching without being maudlin.  In the meantime, I’m going to watch some Marx Brothers films to lamely attempt to cheer myself up.

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Dec 192015

It’s been much, much too long since I’ve cleaned up my bookmarks “other” folder; A simple dump is all that I can bother with at this size.

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Dec 142015

I’m certain that what he meant was:

Donald Trump will be the wealthiest individual elected…

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Nov 082015
I wish my daughter was having some fun growing up...

We whiled away a delightful and filling evening with Didi and Torsten, gorging ourselves on a delicious steak dinner and earlier munchies. Then, to top things off, G and her friend decided they wanted to bake some dessert while the menfolk sat on their asses and watched UT decimate Kansas. Those of you who have

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Credit where credit is due…

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Nov 052015

They said the rain would begin at 11pm. With the garage door open, I was able to verify this as true within 2 minutes error. Well done, forecasters. I would raise a glass to you, except that: The drinking game still holds true. As a reminder, the key words are: shelter precaution evacuation

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An economic technicality…

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Oct 052015

Technically, I never could boycott chick-fil-a, because I never ate there. Similarly, I cannot support Doritos rainbow Doritos, because I don’t eat them anyway. It’s probably too much to simply acknowledge that most sushi joints already have a “rainbow roll”…

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Always the best part of my night…

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Oct 052015

is helping G with homework. She came down for help with math early today, and we got that out of the way easily. She easily learned where the parenthesis belong with cross-products. Then, she wanted help with a short story. I gave her a few paragraphs and a funny ending. She re-wrote everything, and returned

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A full weekend of anniversaries…

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Sep 272015

So, if we go by the eventually allowed marriage certificate, Cy and I have been married a whole three months since yesterday. If we go by our accounting, we’ve been together 30 years today. The best part of my day? Telling Cy to go back to sleep while I help G with her homework. He’s


Another good day with G…

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Sep 102015

While Cy is rehearsing for SJB, I get to single-parent. Tonight, I got to help not only with math, but with a book report as well. Her summer reading was a book we shared in her youth, and she needed some help identifying foreshadowing. In “Ender’s Game”. I mean, come on. That’s TOO easy! She

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