May 102016

…and I wonder how many folks in downtown Austin are wishing they had a choice of Uber or Lyft, but couldn’t vote because they have a DUI on their record. And as a followup, why did Uber and Lyft let the “Big Corporations writing our laws” meme stand instead of coming back with a “Big

Mar 272016
Normally, Cy is the one who brings new, exciting things into our life.

Today, instead of going to my in-laws for Easter, and instead of Cy getting his required (and all-too-often-interrupted) Sunday afternoon nap, we went to the finals of the Dell Match Play tournament. For all that I have given Dell over the years (Cy recently reminded me of a trip to the E.R. while I was


Twas the night before southby…

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Mar 102016
Twas the night before southby...

Twas the night before southby and all through the town Not a car was stirring, no-one could get around. Each person alone, and still on their phone As the mayor said, tomorrow, work from home. The presidents visit, he said, not his first Will make tomorrows traffic much closer to worst.

Feb 232016

When I pick G up from school, I always ask how her day was. For years, her answer has been “boring.” Recently, however, she’s accidentally messed up and replied “Great!” – especially when we’re bringing a friend home with her. Even more recently, she’s begun being completely honest, even asking for advice on how to


That’s what she said.

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Jan 102016
That's what she said.

Last night, we lost a dear friend who brought joy into the life of everyone he met. For example, from my 30th birthday surprise party: His daughter and G were the original “Aristocrats” for Wand… And he was the first recipient of the revenge surprise party… Wherever Robert went, joy followed. The world is less

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Jan 092016

I’ve been friends with a couple of guys for 20 years now (since it’s 2016, officially). They’ve been best friends since long before I met them. Tonight, I got a call from one of them, confirming my worst fear – the other one is now officially in hospice, and is sinking fast, leaving behind a

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