Jan 012014

You know, as much attention as the recreational pot in Colorado story is getting, you would think it was mandatory, and that by this time tomorrow, the only other surviving industry in the state will be pizza delivery.

It’s been much too long since I’ve cleaned out my bookmarks folder: here is the result:

Jul 162013


But then, I’m probably dating myself. And whenever I hear that phrase (dating myself) I recall the banter:

Dating yourself? How do you do that?

It’s simple. You just work yourself into a lather until you are beside yourself. The rest is an exercise left for the reader.

Can you tell I’m a little punchy tonight?

Oh, and it seems to fit the IE commercials quite well, TYVM.

Jul 132013

Today, G convinced the dog that he can chase the cats with impunity, hissing and raised fur (and also our sofa cushions) be damned. What followed was 15 minutes of a rousing game of egged-on chase, which abruptly ended when a single claw was raised, followed by the most pitiful “welp” you can image.

It is truly surprising that they don’t all get along better, considering that the dog is a giant pussy.

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Mar 142013


Sadly, I took 4th. Out of 3. Can you feel my shame?


And admit it: the only thing worse would have been one of us winning. I mean, can you even imagine?

Oh, and yes, G got her certificate, too.



This only works if your doctor never gets to meet you…

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Jan 082010

Tech support guy goes to medical school and becomes doctor: assumes that most illnesses can be cured by killing the patient then bringing them back to life.

Thanks to TechStuff in http://www.reddit.com/r/reddit.com/comments/amio3/hint_if_you_are_helping_someone_over_the_phone/

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Oct 262009

These are all things that are either too specific or too small to deserve a post of their own.

Aug 022009
Jun 302009

I’ve now started using the firefox “Unsorted bookmarks” folder; if anyone knows how to make the ^d keyboard shortcut default to that folder, I would love to know!