Still more catchup blogging

Geeky things:

Lots of film links this time:

What a surprise — some political links right before the inauguration:

Golf and parenting to together in my world:

Catching up more often…

Fewer overheard links (I’ve been busy!):

Lots of geeky things, however:

Political things:

A few things about being gay and parenting:

And some just about being Grace’s daddy:

And some generally funny or interesting things:

Super-fat Tuesday?

What better way to celebrate democracy! Let’s talk about No S Diet!

OK, not for long. Here’s what’s been overheard:

I found a bunch of interesting things on JMG:

And while we’re on the gay thing:

Sudoku geek in me:

I’m not anonymous, but I like what they are doing:

And geeky (and security, and parenting, and work) things:

Apparently I still golf sometimes: