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I have had a reinforced revalation…

The right-wing wing-nuts lie.

So, Grace gave me a call yesterday morning.  Actually, two calls, since the first one came while I was in the shower…

Grandma and Grandpa Albertson took her to the coast for one day, leaving early Sunday morning, and coming back this afternoon.  Man, was that an excited voicemail!

Daddy J! Daddy J!  We’re going to the coast!  Call me back!

After my best moment of parenting ever, we all know how much she likes the ocean.  It’s not changed — it’s still her favorite place to go.  Yet, when she came back, my timing was impeccable.  I followed the in-laws to their driveway, and she practically leapt into my arms getting out of their car.

We come home, and before she gets back on the scooter (see the gallery!) she has to give Daddy Cy a hug and a kiss.

We have breakfast for dinner.  She eats all the eggs I can stand to make for her in one meal (4, for those of you who count, over easy), sausages, pancakes, and two bowls of fruity pebbles.

Then, all through her bath (what, sand in the sheets?  No way!) she is shrieking with delight.  She gets out and dries off, brushes her teeth, and I braid her hair.  Daddy Cy reads to her until she falls asleep, and that’s when it occurs to me:

We are truly loved.  More than Grandma and Grandpa, more than the coast.  More than riding the scooter.  All the things that are tops in her life?  We top that.

This is what we work so hard for.  This is better than we ever hoped for.

And the right-wing anti-gay pundits lie.  She has what we need, we have what she needs.  Love abounds, and we are all cared for.

Nothing is truly missing.

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Happy new year!

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A corny neologism…

So, I’m watching Grace at recess before computer lab, and the trees are dropping acorns.  I was about to point out to her that the acorns are baby trees, but that’s not entirely accurate.  The are more tree fetuses.  Treetuses, if you will.

And, the kids over there stomping on acorns?  They are performing acortions.

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