Cosmologist claims (suggests) Universe may not be expanding

Cosmologist claims Universe may not be expanding : Nature News & Comment.

I see lots of facebook friends “liking” science, but here’s the real deal:

Somebody says, “What if one of our fundamental assumptions is wrong?”

And science says: “Huh, cool. Let’s explore that! Maybe we can learn more!”

You never see that from religion. Just sayin’.

Also, a correction for the writer of this article: He (Jon Cartwright) says “… it can’t be tested.” You left off the word “yet” at the end of the sentence. There is a whole new generation of smart, inventive folks — more than ever before — willing to take years to discover subtle ways to test any theory. We may end up with a cat in a box with a cesium atom yet! I also take umbrage with the word “claims” in the title. Perhaps a better, less suggestive word would have been “suggests”, but hey, it got my attention, right?