Well, now that I can post more quickly…

The primary result is that I bookmark more things!

Just to go back to my regular method; here are things overheard that I liked:

Not to get too fanboy-like, but jwz has had a fantastic week of blogging:

Other funny things:

And since I’m not quite done with the new server, some more geeky things:

Oh, and happy April fools day. Grace was the big prankster this year. Acorn, tree. Not far.

Catchup blogging is the latest rage

Few overhead things this time:

Some other funny things:

Speaking of movies:

Geeky things:

Since golf is big in my life again:

Since we took Grace to Longhorn Cavern State Park during spring break and bought two fossils:

Political and secular things:

2blog folder catchup

As usual, we begin with things overheard:

Political things (since I did, in fact, caucus last night):

Geeky things:

And some funny stuff:

Man, that 2blog folder fills up quickly these days!

As usual, we start with things overheard:

This week, we’ve got some things on health:

Plenty of geeky things:

A few political items:

And in the catch-all category, some funnier things:

Super-fat Tuesday?

What better way to celebrate democracy! Let’s talk about No S Diet!

OK, not for long. Here’s what’s been overheard:

I found a bunch of interesting things on JMG:

And while we’re on the gay thing:

Sudoku geek in me:

I’m not anonymous, but I like what they are doing:

And geeky (and security, and parenting, and work) things:

Apparently I still golf sometimes:

2blog folder catchup

As always, start out with things overheard:

Geeky things:

Political things:

Interesting things:

Funny things:

Catching up.

As usual, starting with overheard things — it almost always cheers me up:

I’ve been doing many things involving streaming flv video files:

Some wordpress (and other geeky) stuff:

Funny and interesting things: