This impossible ear

There’s no Fleishman’s this impossible ear
Gotta bake in the morning to avoid a self-sear
Cooling of the cast iron might just take a year
Hope you like fluffy bread more than fizzy beer

(Apologies to Brendon Urie)

Oh, what a feeling…

So, I go out to the kitchen to get a drink. I turn on the light in the living room, and hear a thump, look around, and see a cat slinking around the island.

So, what was the cat trying to get into? We will never know…

Bookmark catchup

So every month or so, I try to dump all the bookmarks I made, especially for things I didn’t have time to comment on at the moment of discovery…

Happy new everything…

You know, as much attention as the recreational pot in Colorado story is getting, you would think it was mandatory, and that by this time tomorrow, the only other surviving industry in the state will be pizza delivery.

It’s been much too long since I’ve cleaned out my bookmarks folder: here is the result:

Flattered twice in the past 24 hours…

G said two things:

  1. Everyone in the house, including the dog, loves my bread.
  2. I should stay home all day to bake bread. Apparently that’s worth more to her than my day job…

My fear is that when she learns that I don’t bake during the heat of summer, she’ll try to get me to move further north. That’s NOT going to happen…

G’s first fondant

G's first fondant
G’s first fondant

Our Father’s Day cake (yes, we punctuate it differently from you) is a golf hole, with both a water hazard and a sand trap. She did everything except take it out of the oven all by herself.

Catchup blogging lite

It’s been an insanely busy month; I’ve not bookmarked much this time. Hell, I might even be able to categorize them for you this time around…

G bought a rocket, and with the rains we’ve had recently, we MIGHT be able to use it soon:

And since we’re going to a wedding in Houston next weekend…

I’ve made it through the 4th season, and am giving it a second go…

And to riff on that; “There’s always sysadmin bookmarks in J’s catchup blogging…”

And just a few more things:

Texas parents of students taking STAAR tests, you can track the entire history of their scores here (and I learned G’s science score before it arrived int he mail!):

A game recommented by a new work colleague, probably friend…

And G want to cook up some flan:

Remarkably few bookmarks, now with annotations! Hope you enjoy…

How to make Daddy J happy

  1. Daddy Cy brings home Rudy’s BBQ
  2. Ask for homemade bread, politely
  3. Sneak downstairs after bedtime
  4. Eat 2 slices of freshly homemade bread
  5. Act grateful (extremely grateful for a 9-year-old)
  6. Sneak back upstairs quietly

I’m tired as hell after working all weekend, but this made all the effort of making bread worth it — and more!

If I had a nickel for every way in which I love being a daddy, I would never need to work a day in my life.

Catchup blogging…

These are all things that are either too specific or too small to deserve a post of their own.

Nearing the end of the month, unsorted bookmarks

I’ve now started using the firefox “Unsorted bookmarks” folder; if anyone knows how to make the ^d keyboard shortcut default to that folder, I would love to know!