Nov 012014

It used to work easily; I would create a bunch of blank lines, and drag the bookmarks from my chrome “Other bookmarks” folder to a new blank line in a wordpress post. Now, however, that just gives me the URL as text, without the bookmarks’ name.

Now, I have to export my bookmarks to a file, copy/paste the contents of the “Other bookmarks” DL tag, do a global search & replace from “<DT>” to “</li><li>”, then wrap it all in a UL tag. Copy and paste all that into the “text” version of a wordpress post, and voila! The same thing I used to have, now taking a lot more work.

Don’t know if I need to yell at chrome or at wordpress…

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How dare middle-school homework be fun?

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Oct 302014

So, G had homework about a Robert Frost poem and its use in a story she was reading. I got to re-introduce her to Dorothy Parker, and earn her respect for my writing, and expand her vocabulary. Then, after all that, she pulled out her telescope and aimed it at the moon so that we could see crater shadows along the lunar terminator (where the shadows meet light). Along the way, she made me laugh out loud more than twice, and called me out insulting Cy once (and we won’t talk about that on social media…)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, and I’ll always mean it: each part of her life is fun in its own way. I miss her being immobile and unable to talk, but love the push for independence that we now see everyday. For example: we weren’t asked about her trying out for the basketball team, we were informed about it.

Every day gets better. Only one month until she’s a teemager! (and you hush your mouth, you!)

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