It finally happened…

Grace came downstairs in the middle of the night…all on her own.

I was getting ready to slice bread, and shut our bedroom door as a precaution (so as to not wake those who were already sleeping). I had put the loaf in the slicer, and plugged in the knife when I heard the bedroom door open.

My first reaction? “Damn cat.” (For those not in the know, our cat can open doors. In either direction.)

I get ready to close the door, when I glimpse blonde hair getting ready to wake someone.

A very brief conversation ensued, and she willingly was carried back up to her room and put back in her bed. Turned on Daddy Cy’s music again, and she promised to close her eyes and go to sleep. Fortunately, I heard her call before she woke him. Some fresh ice water and some cough medicine, and snoring emanates from her room once again.