Good TV is rare

I finally got my hands on the first season DVD of Made in Canada (which ran as “The Industry” here in the US on PBS and Bravo).
Some of my favorite quotes:

  • (after the movie Vigilante Vengence is cancelled because Jemery Black has had his knee broken)

    Victor: The movie will still be finished, it will just be shorter and…on television.
    Jeremy: Network television?
    Victor: Oh, yes, I think so!
    Jeremy: American network?
    Victor: (Somberly)Too soon to say
    .Jeremy: (with disgust) What, Canadian?
    Victor: (Even more somberly) I don’t want to make any promises.

  • Richard: Hey! You! Lay off the Chez Whiz — that’s for the talent!

  • Victor: Variety is all the same.

  • Alan is getting a lifetime achievement award at the Gemini Awards Show

    Alan: I’m a humanitarian, understand, a humanitarian, and I want people to know it; so work it in or I will make it my personal mission to watch you starve to death!