Link Google+ to your blog, then to twitter/facebook…

Link Google+ to your blog, then to twitter/facebook…

So, I linked to a post back in mid-July about how to tie Google+ to twitter.

Sadly, at the beginning of this month, (upon which this all depended) shut down due to massively increasing costs. Fortunately, Russell Beattie released his code under the MIT license, so I was able to hack together my own personal version of this over the course of a week or so of learning python.

And this I share with all of you now. Experienced python programmers might prefer the verb "inflict" as opposed to "share", and will only want to view how badly i mangled the original code through a pinhole in a piece of cardboard.

In order to use this script, you will need a web server (of the 24×7 variety) that can run python scripts as CGI, and has pycurl installed.

So now, for me at least, my posts take this path:

Post goes on Google+.
The "WPeMatico" plugin <> on my self-hosted wordpress blog grabs the post via the atom feed provided by this script.
The "Twitter Tools" plugin <> on my blog makes the post to twitter.
Facebook pulls the blog entry into my stream.

Now, all I need is a version of this for diaspora…

alphageekj/plusfeedforone – GitHub