A little perspective:

A little perspective: If you are, or know a 16-year-old who is driving, he/she was born after Nivet joined our family. If you are, or know a 20-year old in the second or third year of college, his/her first memory is after (probably long after) Nivet joined our family. That’s how long he was with us. That’s why my heart still aches, and why my brain is flooded with memories. What were you doing the day before Halloween 1994? Can you remember that far back? We were at the first street animal shelter, after buying Cy his first copy of Finale at the Guitar Center on South 1st. This cat taught himself to open doors. This cat never scratched G as a baby. This cat was the point of the film “Gates of Heaven,” and now he is gone, both too soon and too late. I have to return to Annie Hall: “The food here is terrible!” “And such small portions, too!” Meaning: “Life is full of pain and suffering, but it’s all over with much too quickly.” Seize the day, my friends. Live your life as you should live it, by your own estimation. But don’t ask me what I had for lunch two days ago… I’ve long forgotten that.