Guess which folder is filling up now…

Again, in no particular order:

A gay wedding, but a straight honeymoon.

So, the floodgates will soon open in Iowa.  (You had your chance, Fargo…)

We have an Albertson family reunion in Iowa.  We get married while we’re there.  Check Cy’s input off the list.

For the honeymoon, we re-enactThe Straight Story.” My sensibilities will be sated.

Oh, no tractor, no deer (except perhaps as meat).  In honor of keeping the pace, we stop whenever G wants to.  Maybe she gets to remember when she first stopped fearing thunder.  No, not the cat.

Quickie catchup blogging

Again, no particular order:

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So, I’ve been forcibly dragged into facebook…

It has both plusses and minuses.  I really don’t like that it doesn’t like my name.  I do like that it pointed me to many friends’ blogs.  I don’t really like the number of emails that it sends, but I do like that I can update my status from twitter, so I’ll be using that more regularly.

I’ll give it a go for a few more weeks, but most of my longer updates (and things that catch my eye) will still go here first.

After all, here it’s all mine!