Well, now that I can post more quickly…

The primary result is that I bookmark more things!

Just to go back to my regular method; here are things overheard that I liked:

Not to get too fanboy-like, but jwz has had a fantastic week of blogging:

Other funny things:

And since I’m not quite done with the new server, some more geeky things:

Oh, and happy April fools day. Grace was the big prankster this year. Acorn, tree. Not far.

Catch blogging, expect more frequent updates now that the server is faster!

In honor of the new server, we’ll start out with geeky links first:

Geeky or funny — you make the call:

Now, just funny stuff:

Golf stuff (I want, but not that badly)


Catchup blogging is the latest rage

Few overhead things this time:

Some other funny things:

Speaking of movies:

Geeky things:

Since golf is big in my life again:

Since we took Grace to Longhorn Cavern State Park during spring break and bought two fossils:

Political and secular things:

2blog folder catchup

As usual, we begin with things overheard:

Political things (since I did, in fact, caucus last night):

Geeky things:

And some funny stuff:

2blog folder catchup

As usual, we begin with things overheard:

Political things (since I did, in fact, caucus last night):

Geeky things:

And some funny stuff:

I am going to hell?

I want to open up a christian bookstore.

Not just any christian bookstore, the wal-mart of christian bookstores.

And what do I want to call it?

Jesus Christ SuperStore!

Man, that 2blog folder fills up quickly these days!

As usual, we start with things overheard:

This week, we’ve got some things on health:

Plenty of geeky things:

A few political items:

And in the catch-all category, some funnier things:

2blog folder catchup

As always, start out with things overheard:

Geeky things:

Political things:

Interesting things:

Funny things:

Catching up.

As usual, starting with overheard things — it almost always cheers me up:

I’ve been doing many things involving streaming flv video files:

Some wordpress (and other geeky) stuff:

Funny and interesting things:


We’ve been having many conversations about modern classical music lately. I, of course, keep listening to Philip Glass while Jason really only likes one particular concerto by Krzysztof Penderecki.

Eventually, as all converstaions of this ilk will do, the conversation turned to John Cage and his 4′33″, which Damon described being performed live once by his piano teacher. Apparently, she merely sat in front of the piano. My understanding of the piece is that it should in fact create more tension in the audience by seeming to be about to perform. Specifically, I thought that she should have put her hands above the keyboard. So, how do I state this difference of opinion?

She was playing it wrong!

Well, we thought it was funny.

Quickie catchup


And the rest:

Catchup blogging for the new year…

(This is a big list)

All things overheard:

Now that you are in a good mood, here come the geeky things:

Now, let’s explore what grabbed my attention politically:

Parenting stuff:

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