Catching up again…

 Catching up again…  Culture, funny, Geek, overheard, pop  Comments Off on Catching up again…
Jul 122008

First, things overheard:

Geeky things:



Jul 072008


Digg – This Is Why I Hate CNN (Pic)

Digg – No, f*** you, reader of CNN

Geeky things:

Vlc: Master Your Digital Media with VLC

Optimize Ubuntu 8.04 for Speed – Speed up Hardy Heron! – Softpedia

Gallery2:How To Write Scripts – Gallery Codex

Debian – you can never be sure

Ten tips for securing Linux desktops – at

Hands on: 12 quick hacks for Firefox 3 – LinuxWorld

The Urge to End It – Understanding Suicide –

How to “Peel” Hard-Boiled Eggs Without Peeling – The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

Parenting things:

Why Most Sunscreens Don’t Work | Newsweek To Your Health |


Funny things:

The 5 Most Unintentionally Scarring ’80s Music Videos |

Pranks: Just Say ‘Yes’ To Telemarketers

Abstruse Goose » At the Driving Range

Local News: Man found in WI basement covered in BBQ sauce | sauce, basement, covered : WWMT NEWSCHANNEL 3 (What makes this funny is that I’ve been in Appleton)

Jul 012008

For those who care, I have really, *really* short names for my bookmarks toolbar folders — for instance, my leftmost folder, which contains links that I visit daily, is labelled simply ‘1’.  I use foxmarks to keep my bookmarks synchronized between all my browsers, and I use the “Add Bookmark Here2” plugin to just add pages to that 2blog folder when I come across a page I want to share later.

Then, once it gets overwhelmingly large, I just copy the links from that folder to a post.

As usual I start with things overheard:

Geeky things:

Political things:

Just generally interesting:

Quickie catchup blogging

 Quickie catchup blogging  Culture, funny, politics, pop  Comments Off on Quickie catchup blogging
Jun 182008

Catching up again…

 Catching up again…  Culture, funny, Geek, overheard, parenting, politics, pop  Comments Off on Catching up again…
Jun 082008

It has been busy — as I’m sure you can tell from the photoblog. Man, oh man is that 2blog folder full!

Starting with all things overheard:

(I told you it has been a while!)

And, in honor of the official end of the Democratic primary season, all things political come next:

There are a slew of geeky links:

It’s summertime here in Austin:

I’m not such a bad dad, after all…



Catchup blogging…

 Catchup blogging…  Culture, funny, Geek, politics, pop, sysadmin  Comments Off on Catchup blogging…
May 012008

Here comes the core dump from the 2blog folder, in no particular order:

Catchup blogging

 Catchup blogging  Culture, funny, Geek, pop, sysadmin  Comments Off on Catchup blogging
Apr 192008

Geeky things to start off:

Other interesting things:

Worst. Idea. Ever.

 Worst. Idea. Ever.  Culture, funny, pop  Comments Off on Worst. Idea. Ever.
Apr 142008

Combine “Star Wars” — especially episode 1 — with Andrew Lloyd Weber. What do you get?

Phanton of the Menace

I give it 20 years before it is made without irony. Either that or:

Ani Get Your Saber

Idea from this vader poster.

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