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Much delayed catchup blogging…

As usual, starting with things overheard:

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As usual, starting with things overheard:

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Time to go with catchup blogging…

Nothing overheard this week — I’ve been busy, so let’s start with geeky things:

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Catch blogging, expect more frequent updates now that the server is faster!

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Over the canyon!

Over the canyon! Grace has finally make a shot over the canyon onto the green!

It happened on 13, and she was excited enough to play all of 17 and 18 from tee to cup by herself.

(She is also pretty excited about the $200 she got for doing it!)

Catchup blogging is the latest rage

Few overhead things this time:

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Since golf is big in my life again:

Since we took Grace to Longhorn Cavern State Park during spring break and bought two fossils:

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Golfing first!

So we played golf both yesterday and today. Yesterday I played very well (for me, at least!) But today, on the 15th hole, I got my first completely legitimate birdie on a par 4.

Not that anyone cares, but it started with an incredible drive that left me about 2 yards off the green. Then, my approach shot left me 3 feet from the hole. It wasn’t a gimme putt, but I pulled it off!

Super-fat Tuesday?

What better way to celebrate democracy! Let’s talk about No S Diet!

OK, not for long. Here’s what’s been overheard:

I found a bunch of interesting things on JMG:

And while we’re on the gay thing:

Sudoku geek in me:

I’m not anonymous, but I like what they are doing:

And geeky (and security, and parenting, and work) things:

Apparently I still golf sometimes:

Golf is back…

and I just played the best 9 holes I’ve ever played. Grace came with us, and had plenty of fun of her own.

My favorite improvement? Out of the 5 holes that caused me problems off the tee box, I only lost a ball on two of them — and I only lost one ball on each hole.

I’m now making good contact on about 35% of my swings — coming closer and closer to my goal of 90%. Not quite to my 60% I had with my previous bad stance, grip, and swing.

Cy is getting adamant that we both should go to Golfsmith and get our swings computer-analyzed. I think I’m now at a point where that could help me improve — even better than more lessons could at this point.