Using javascript to balance the 3-column css

In the wordpress theme I prefer (link here to original), I hacked in lots of purple.

Then I wanted to change the right column width. Eww — it was using background images of a fixed size to color the left and right columns!

Pulled out those background images, and replaced them with color strings ala #666 and #ccc.

Then, the columns on the left and right didn’t go all the way down, and were never balanced with each other nor the center column.

Finally, I found some javascript (which can be loaded in a separate file) — Balanced Columns and from there, this page.

The really good news is that it locks up IE. Yay! OK, disable that for ie, and add a “get firefox” link to the links.

When time doesn’t match up

If ever you’re looking for the time-setting eqivalent of whiplash, I doubt you could do much better than shifting from watching Of Mice and Men to reading Pattern Recognition.

It also raised an interesting (for me) rhetorical question:

What is the shortest time period over the last 100 years which saw the most personal change in the U.S.?

I’m leaning towards thinking 1935-1946, largely for the personal wealth and relative safety that was, er, fashionable at the time.

Nature has it’s place

and that place is outside. Seriously, anything with more than three legs had better be pretty damn cute before it thinks about crawling in here.

Why should that matter? I was driving Grace down to Grandma Albertson’s, and that last stretch of MOPAC between 290 and William Cannon is almost complete. It used to be trees, as recently as six months ago. Trees and presumably small furry woodland creatures. And spiders. And snakes, and scorpions, and iguanas, and geckos, and gnats, and mosquitos, and leeches, and ticks, and who knows what else.

Oh, yes. I did claim to have a point, didn’t I?

My point is that all that crap was outside. Where it belonged. Where do you think all those things went to live now?

I’m damn glad I don’t live within a mile radius of that area. I’d have our exterminator on speed-dial.

Oh, and at least the fsck-heads that were appointed changed their minds for the fifth time and decided not to make that little stretch a toll road, ten years after the bonds to pay for it were approved and sold. But wait! There’s time for them to change their minds five or six more times before it opens, and countless times after it opens.

Let’s just rename that little bit of road to “Whimsi-toll Road”, and watch everyone veer around it (unless they’re from out of town, on their first trip to Austin).

It finally happened…

Grace came downstairs in the middle of the night…all on her own.

I was getting ready to slice bread, and shut our bedroom door as a precaution (so as to not wake those who were already sleeping). I had put the loaf in the slicer, and plugged in the knife when I heard the bedroom door open.

My first reaction? “Damn cat.” (For those not in the know, our cat can open doors. In either direction.)

I get ready to close the door, when I glimpse blonde hair getting ready to wake someone.

A very brief conversation ensued, and she willingly was carried back up to her room and put back in her bed. Turned on Daddy Cy’s music again, and she promised to close her eyes and go to sleep. Fortunately, I heard her call before she woke him. Some fresh ice water and some cough medicine, and snoring emanates from her room once again.

Is it any wonder I’m insisting on good passwords now?

Just a hint of part of the problem

Feb  6 04:08:18  sshd: Failed password for illegal user test from port 59096 ssh2
Feb  6 04:08:18  sshd: Failed password for illegal user test from port 59105 ssh2
Feb  6 04:08:18  sshd: Failed password for illegal user test from port 59094 ssh2
Feb  6 04:08:27  sshd: Failed password for illegal user guest from port 59499 ssh2
Feb  6 04:08:27  sshd: Failed password for illegal user guest from port 59513 ssh2

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Oh. Like J needs a blog to run on at the mouth…

Or the keyboard, for that matter.

But here it comes. Lock the doors and hide the children…

(Actually, the real reason I’m doing this is so that I can record and grep things I figure out, or find funny, or want to remember)

My best moment of parenting ever.

So we took G to the coast for the first time.

We packed up all we needed from the condo to go to the beach itself, and headed on down en masse.

Once we got over the boardwalk over the dunes, Grace went racing ahead of us. Way ahead of us.

Once I realized what was happening, I dropped (carefully) what I was carrying, and ran to catch up with her.

Before I caught up, a wave took her and knocked her down. Right behind it, another wave rolled her over and over. Right then, I caught up with her. She was scared, and getting ready to cry — not cry, wail. No, not wail, squall.
But I had an instant in which to recover the entire day, and the entire trip, and all coastal trips thereafter. What did I come up with? Inspiration struck:

Ocean! You’re getting a time-out!

At that instant, the undertow from both waves pulled back, going out to sea.

I was rewarded many times, first with giggles, then ongoing with her sticking nearby and behaving the rest of the day, and by her ongoing love of swimming and the ocean.

Some of my best memories with Grace are at the coast, and this is merely the first of many!