Jul 012008

For those who care, I have really, *really* short names for my bookmarks toolbar folders — for instance, my leftmost folder, which contains links that I visit daily, is labelled simply ‘1’.  I use foxmarks to keep my bookmarks synchronized between all my browsers, and I use the “Add Bookmark Here2” plugin to just add pages to that 2blog folder when I come across a page I want to share later.

Then, once it gets overwhelmingly large, I just copy the links from that folder to a post.

As usual I start with things overheard:

Geeky things:

Political things:

Just generally interesting:

Quickie catchup blogging

 Quickie catchup blogging  Culture, funny, politics, pop  Comments Off on Quickie catchup blogging
Jun 182008

Catchup blogging

 Catchup blogging  Culture, funny, Geek, pop, sysadmin  Comments Off on Catchup blogging
Apr 192008

Geeky things to start off:

Other interesting things: