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2blog folder catchup, yet again

That 2blog bookmark folder fills up quickly…

My latest entry for “father of the year”

So, three weeks into kindergarten, G is starting to try to read on her own, in earnest.

Tonight, however, she stayed up late and we let her watch cartoons on demand. Tom and Jerry, to be specific.

At one point, the mouse is on a fishing line, and replaces himself with a piece of paper.

What does that say?

So, dutifully, I rewind the cartoon, and pause it on the word.

Guh. Eh. Rrrr. Kuh. Jerk!

The 2blog bookmarks are full!

Time to core-dump!

Not me!

We stayed in a hotel in downtown Chicago. This place, which I will not name, was not only non-smoking, but smoker-hostile and smug about it.

So, late in the cold, windy weather, I bundle up and go out front to smoke before I go to bed. Two gentlemen are there already, one smoking, one standing behind the valet podium. The man behind the podium had something that caused him to spasm regularly — perhaps ALS, perhaps MS, I thought it unkind to ask. Soon, this person asked the one already smoking for a light. It took them several tries, including one discarded cigarette, but they got the job done.

Then the other smoker finished up and went in.

Then, a car pulled up.

The driver and his wife got out. She went inside, while he gathered up things to take in, all the while watching the two of us smoke. I was standing off to the side, while our spasming friend was back behind the valet podium.

The driver then came up to me, and whispered:

Are you the valet?

The only thing I could do was to shake my head no, and smile an almost-evil smile.

Long traffic jams in small Texas towns leads to cynicism

So, we’re going to my company picnic, and there was the big motorcycle rally in Austin this weekend…

And, of course, there’s a fatality. On I-35 southbound. On our way to the picnic.

And, of course, all 3 lanes of the highway come to a (more or less) complete stop. Even the access road…

Two hours it took us to get through the town of Kyle, TX.

Cy said

I’ve never spent so much time in Kyle

My response? (rated PG-13) Continue reading “Long traffic jams in small Texas towns leads to cynicism”