More catchup blogging…

Once again, we start with things overheard:

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General interest:

Catching up more often, lately

Blog catchup, yet again

And a special collection of pumpkin seed roasting recipes

That 2blog bookmark folder fills up quickly…

I’ve been ill.

So, what have I been up to?

I took the spambait on, and instead of learning each one as it comes in, I now batch them up, and learn the batches once per minute.  I also snag everything that imap users put into their imap spam folder, and add that to the learning batch.  I keep the non-spambait stuff, and learn from the latest 30 of those each minute.

Did you know that is getting about one spam each second?

It’s amazing how much I can get done if I stop doing work-work for a day.

I also caught up on a lot of blogging.  I’ve been using foxmarks to have one set of bookmarks across every system, and I created a folder called “2blog”.  Anything I come across that I want to blog about, I add to that folder.  I cleared about half of it out yesterday.  The really fun thing is that I can do that from anywhere, now!

We finally got a new dryer.  We’ve gone gas, this time.  It used to take 2 hours to do a load of towels — more recently, because I had to stop and untangle everything after the last baffle came out completely — but now it takes barely longer than the washer. I’m now thinking that I may want to reverse my standard method of doing laundry, and switch from starting with the whites (since I always ended up waiting on the dryer) to starting with the things done in cold water.

Bleh.  I’m blogging about laundry.  Time to go back to the 2blog folder, eh?  Here we go…

Some throwaway work while reading documentation…

Not too much here:

  • Got the west-wing bluetooth working for my palm pilot, includes updating routing at home.
  • Moved my palm links to
  • Using PHP, I can now make sure only I can access the X10 remote-control of lamps. Now, I can do it from my palm pilot anywhere in the house! Without using up GPRS data limits!
  • Yeah, I don’t really care, either.
  • But now I can add SASL and PHP to my resume. Hell, that PHP knowledge might even mean something now.
  • Am I the only one who stopped using PHP when they had 16 security problems in a week? Looks like they’ve had time to mature, at least in internet time.
  • It seems that whenever a programming language gets object-oriented, the security drops for about 3 years, then it gets really tight for another 3. Remember the problems with java at first?
  • Remember java?
  • Hell, remember logo?
  • Hell, I still believe, deep down in my cockles (don’t ask) that the reason every programming language ends statements with a semicolon is because of PASCAL (remember “Turbo Pascal”? “Turbo Prolog”? Remember Borland?), not because of C.

Busy day…

and hardly any paying work is getting done…

So far, I’ve

  1. Fixed some DNS issues
  2. Fixed some firewall/proxy server issues
  3. Got a new catalog site configured and running
  4. Fixed some issues with the old catalog site
  5. Created two ssl certificates to resolve the two items above
  6. Dealt with one expired domain under my opensrs account
  7. Scheduled photos for Grace and her cousins (and me)
  8. Picked out clothes for the photo shoot
  9. Labeled and carried two boxes of christmas crap out to the garage
  10. Removed about half the staples from stuff I have to scan
  11. Started scanning ~1000 pages, front and back (at least there’s an ADF)
  12. Vacumned the upstairs (at least there’s Roomba)

And it’s not even noon…

Update 8pm — Grace came home, and I got nothing else done, except for baking cookies, 2 loaves of bread, fixing dinner, cleaning up, getting her washed and into bed. Nothing!

Is it any wonder I’m insisting on good passwords now?

Just a hint of part of the problem

Feb  6 04:08:18  sshd: Failed password for illegal user test from port 59096 ssh2
Feb  6 04:08:18  sshd: Failed password for illegal user test from port 59105 ssh2
Feb  6 04:08:18  sshd: Failed password for illegal user test from port 59094 ssh2
Feb  6 04:08:27  sshd: Failed password for illegal user guest from port 59499 ssh2
Feb  6 04:08:27  sshd: Failed password for illegal user guest from port 59513 ssh2

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