Some throwaway work while reading documentation…

Not too much here:

  • Got the west-wing bluetooth working for my palm pilot, includes updating routing at home.
  • Moved my palm links to
  • Using PHP, I can now make sure only I can access the X10 remote-control of lamps. Now, I can do it from my palm pilot anywhere in the house! Without using up GPRS data limits!
  • Yeah, I don’t really care, either.
  • But now I can add SASL and PHP to my resume. Hell, that PHP knowledge might even mean something now.
  • Am I the only one who stopped using PHP when they had 16 security problems in a week? Looks like they’ve had time to mature, at least in internet time.
  • It seems that whenever a programming language gets object-oriented, the security drops for about 3 years, then it gets really tight for another 3. Remember the problems with java at first?
  • Remember java?
  • Hell, remember logo?
  • Hell, I still believe, deep down in my cockles (don’t ask) that the reason every programming language ends statements with a semicolon is because of PASCAL (remember “Turbo Pascal”? “Turbo Prolog”? Remember Borland?), not because of C.