Happy new everything…

You know, as much attention as the recreational pot in Colorado story is getting, you would think it was mandatory, and that by this time tomorrow, the only other surviving industry in the state will be pizza delivery.

It’s been much too long since I’ve cleaned out my bookmarks folder: here is the result:

Catchup blogging lite

It’s been an insanely busy month; I’ve not bookmarked much this time. Hell, I might even be able to categorize them for you this time around…

G bought a rocket, and with the rains we’ve had recently, we MIGHT be able to use it soon:

And since we’re going to a wedding in Houston next weekend…

I’ve made it through the 4th season, and am giving it a second go…

And to riff on that; “There’s always sysadmin bookmarks in J’s catchup blogging…”

And just a few more things:

Texas parents of students taking STAAR tests, you can track the entire history of their scores here (and I learned G’s science score before it arrived int he mail!):

A game recommented by a new work colleague, probably friend…

And G want to cook up some flan:

Remarkably few bookmarks, now with annotations! Hope you enjoy…

Catchup blogging…

These are all things that are either too specific or too small to deserve a post of their own.

Another month of catchup blogging:

Catchup blogging

It’s the first of the month; time to clear out that folder (though I’m now using the “unsorted bookmarks” folder in foxmarks…

Also, the job has been keeping me rather busy, so expect a shorter list:

This month, there are even several decent things overheard:

And now, the rest of the bookmarks are unsorted:

re-employed 2blog catchup

High IQ Linked To Reduced Risk Of Death

10 really useful free Windows system tools | News | TechRadar UK

GissiSim.com | 6 Ways how I let Twitter work for me

10 AJAX-based, PHP WebMail Clients For a Great User Experience | Noupe

Aren’t you glad you don’t work in IT?

Index of ftp://ftp.dell.com/bios/

Index of /files

Sonoluminescence – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

First time on the course and golfer hits a hole-in-one – St. Petersburg Times

Science, Pseudoscience, and Irrationalism

III Forks – Restaurant

Six Flags in Talks to Avoid Filing for Bankruptcy – NYTimes.com

Wow, that 2blog folder is full.

Not only that, but my 1 folder is now larger than my screen.  Time to do some cleanup!

Today’s links brought to you in cronological order, and by the letter J.

As promised, 2blog catchup

And this time, I’m just going to drop them in here with no sorting:

What I’ve been up to lately

So, since the layoff, I’ve been

  • cleaning the house (caught up on laundry, re-organized the kitchen)
  • job hunting (still wake up and take G to school every day)
  • setting up IPMI remote console access (for both my colo box at IPMI 2.0 and my file server at IPMI 1.5)
  • re-organized the photo gallery (decades for older stuff, yearly for more recent)
  • fixed almost all gallery issues (certificates for SSL stuff, database cleanup)
  • watching the economy continue to tank

Oh, and watching lots more discovery channel with G (mostly storm chasers and dirty jobs), and the 3rd season of Dexter (better than the second season).

I have also re-confirmed that I truly detest daytime television, so it usually stays off.

Time for catchup blogging!

As is my custom, we begin with things overheard:

And since we’ve been travelling waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much, here are some beach sites:

Geeky things:

Political things:

Funny things:

And finally, parenting:

2blog folder is not full, but here goes anyway…


Digg – This Is Why I Hate CNN (Pic)

Digg – No, f*** you, reader of CNN

Geeky things:

Vlc: Master Your Digital Media with VLC

Optimize Ubuntu 8.04 for Speed – Speed up Hardy Heron! – Softpedia

Gallery2:How To Write Scripts – Gallery Codex

Debian – you can never be sure

Ten tips for securing Linux desktops – at ZDNet.co.uk

Hands on: 12 quick hacks for Firefox 3 – LinuxWorld

The Urge to End It – Understanding Suicide – NYTimes.com

How to “Peel” Hard-Boiled Eggs Without Peeling – The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

Parenting things:

Why Most Sunscreens Don’t Work | Newsweek To Your Health | Newsweek.com


Funny things:

The 5 Most Unintentionally Scarring ’80s Music Videos | Cracked.com

Pranks: Just Say ‘Yes’ To Telemarketers

Abstruse Goose » At the Driving Range

Local News: Man found in WI basement covered in BBQ sauce | sauce, basement, covered : WWMT NEWSCHANNEL 3 (What makes this funny is that I’ve been in Appleton)

Time to empty the 2blog folder

For those who care, I have really, *really* short names for my bookmarks toolbar folders — for instance, my leftmost folder, which contains links that I visit daily, is labelled simply ‘1’.  I use foxmarks to keep my bookmarks synchronized between all my browsers, and I use the “Add Bookmark Here2” plugin to just add pages to that 2blog folder when I come across a page I want to share later.

Then, once it gets overwhelmingly large, I just copy the links from that folder to a post.

As usual I start with things overheard:

Geeky things:

Political things:

Just generally interesting:

Catchup blogging…

Here comes the core dump from the 2blog folder, in no particular order: