I am SHOCKED that google returns nothing for this search. Literally unbelievable that in the course of human civilization (yes, yes, such as it is) this word has not been created, to describe two snakes eating each other’s tails, in an infinity symbol.

If anyone wants to make me an animation showing that, I’ll pay for it.

It’s a supluralative

The plural of “you do you” is obviously “y’all do y’all.”

I do not believe further discussion is warranted on the subject.

Except perhaps to add that the plural of “y’all do y’all” is “all y’all do all y’all.”

Do I have a horrible neologism for you…

Techster. Think “techie-hipster”. Exhibit A:


Using a cell phone, while wearing google glass, while riding a segway, while at SxSW. I believe this deserves another neologism: the quadfecta.

(Source: reddit)

Still, this isn’t worse than the hot-pink sequined suit jacket that made G crack up when we first got off the train downtown…

A corny neologism…

So, I’m watching Grace at recess before computer lab, and the trees are dropping acorns.  I was about to point out to her that the acorns are baby trees, but that’s not entirely accurate.  The are more tree fetuses.  Treetuses, if you will.

And, the kids over there stomping on acorns?  They are performing acortions.

Another new word

ediot: (n), from idiot. A person who is incapable of using computers, causing much pain to support staff