Wow, that 2blog folder is full.

Not only that, but my 1 folder is now larger than my screen.  Time to do some cleanup!

Today’s links brought to you in cronological order, and by the letter J.

Still more catchup blogging

Geeky things:

Lots of film links this time:

What a surprise — some political links right before the inauguration:

Golf and parenting to together in my world:

Time to catch up the 2blog folder…

Happy new year!

As usual, things overheard start us off

Geeky links:

Political things:

Parenting and golf go together in my book:

Funny things:

Catchup blogging again…

Been too busy to check on things overheard, so let’s start with geeky links:

Lots of golf links this month:

Political things:

Funny things:

Much delayed catchup blogging…

As usual, starting with things overheard:

Many, many geeky links to catch up on:

Family/golf things:

Political links (yes, overdue):

Purely entertaining:

Work has been busy, lots of 2blog folder catching up to do…

As usual, starting with things overheard:

Plenty of geeky things (lots of these also fit into other categories):

Parenting things:

Golf things:


Just funny:

And one film link:

catchup blogging, again

Things overheard:

Geeky links:

Political things:

Interesting/funny/parenting and golf things:

That last one makes my first idea for Grace’s name (Entropy) seem positively mundane.  Right?