The swing of things

I’ve been playing golf for 4 1/2 years, and swinging the medicus club for almost that long.

We go to Twin Creeks to play a quick 9, and get there in time to hit the driving range before we started. On my very first backswing, I thought to myself “Wait — this is nothing like what that practice club has me do!”

So, I reset myself, and started using the medicus swing with my regular clubs.  It wasn’t a huge difference in methodology — what I was doing before was remarkably similar — but the results are light years different!

Before, most of my shots ran along the ground. Now, I get air on every swing, even from my long clubs.  By the time I took my second shot on the second hole (a par 5 with a 90-degree dogleg left), the new swing was ingrained as my new default.

I’ve said for years that my short game was fairly strong, but when I got my long game, I could be dangerous. Yesterday I was well on my way to breaking 100 (with a 50 on the front 9) for the first time in my life when the thunder started.

Oh, and Cy played well, too, getting a 41 on the front 9. He even took the fact that I outdrove him on 4 graciously…

So come to the Albertson Music Foundation Golf tournament, and see my new swing!