Normally, Cy is the one who brings new, exciting things into our life.

Today, instead of going to my in-laws for Easter, and instead of Cy getting his required (and all-too-often-interrupted) Sunday afternoon nap, we went to the finals of the Dell Match Play tournament.

Between 12 and 13
Between 12 and 13

For all that I have given Dell over the years (Cy recently reminded me of a trip to the E.R. while I was working there wherein I couldn’t feel my legs…), from being their first webmaster (remember back when that was a thing in 1994?) to all the jobs since where we’ve purchased exclusively Dell (NetSuite being the singular, notable HP exception), to all our personal laptops (still loving my XPS 13 with infinity display!), today was another example of how we get paid back. (Aside from our cars, our house, and our daughter…)

Nicely wined, nicely dined. My fitbit hit it’s daily goal just as we walked in to the Chalet… then hit double that goal as we trudged back uphill!

Thanks to the in-laws for the faux-uber ride from my office (which you can see just over Cy’s left shoulder) to the game and back, but more importantly, thanks to them for the tupperware of homemade Potato Salad that was waiting for me when I got home!

But more than that – if you’ve actually read this entire diatribe, instead of just clicking “Like” on facebook, please let me know you read the article by copying and pasting the next paragraph/sentence as a comment:

J, you idiot – I bet you didn’t stretch before all that walking.

(Yes, I’m a little sore.)

G’s first fondant

G's first fondant
G’s first fondant

Our Father’s Day cake (yes, we punctuate it differently from you) is a golf hole, with both a water hazard and a sand trap. She did everything except take it out of the oven all by herself.

The swing of things

I’ve been playing golf for 4 1/2 years, and swinging the medicus club for almost that long.

We go to Twin Creeks to play a quick 9, and get there in time to hit the driving range before we started. On my very first backswing, I thought to myself “Wait — this is nothing like what that practice club has me do!”

So, I reset myself, and started using the medicus swing with my regular clubs.  It wasn’t a huge difference in methodology — what I was doing before was remarkably similar — but the results are light years different!

Before, most of my shots ran along the ground. Now, I get air on every swing, even from my long clubs.  By the time I took my second shot on the second hole (a par 5 with a 90-degree dogleg left), the new swing was ingrained as my new default.

I’ve said for years that my short game was fairly strong, but when I got my long game, I could be dangerous. Yesterday I was well on my way to breaking 100 (with a 50 on the front 9) for the first time in my life when the thunder started.

Oh, and Cy played well, too, getting a 41 on the front 9. He even took the fact that I outdrove him on 4 graciously…

So come to the Albertson Music Foundation Golf tournament, and see my new swing!

Golf fun

Today we went golfing again.  Cy got a birdie on 16 with a fantastic chip-in from 30-35 yards out, now quite as good as last week when I actually managed to par 17 – honestly!


Great day golfing


After we all got on the green in an almost perfect line that reminded me of 2001, I got my first par on a par 5 hole ever.  Honestly!

I have my swing back, but just for my irons.? I cannot hit a hybrid or a wood for shit this year.

Perfect weather — if only Grace’s allergies were not making her eyes swell…

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