Man, that 2blog folder fills up quickly these days!

As usual, we start with things overheard:

This week, we’ve got some things on health:

Plenty of geeky things:

A few political items:

And in the catch-all category, some funnier things:

Super-fat Tuesday?

What better way to celebrate democracy! Let’s talk about No S Diet!

OK, not for long. Here’s what’s been overheard:

I found a bunch of interesting things on JMG:

And while we’re on the gay thing:

Sudoku geek in me:

I’m not anonymous, but I like what they are doing:

And geeky (and security, and parenting, and work) things:

Apparently I still golf sometimes:

2blog folder catchup

As always, start out with things overheard:

Geeky things:

Political things:

Interesting things:

Funny things:

Did you know I have a superpower?

No, really — it’s true. I even use it for the forces of good!

What, I hear you plead, could J’s superpower possibly be?

Anything you give me, I can take it and make it worse.

Many folks wonder how useful this particular superpower is. Allow me to describe:  Someone walks into our office, supposedly to get something IT-ish done.  They listen to what we are talking about, and are so appalled that they either forget what they came in for, or are driven off.  Now, that’s not using it for good, but it is useful sometimes.

To use it for good requires more effort, to wit:  We are planning something — an upgrade, perhaps.  We talk about things that could go wrong, and how we should plan for them.  I take everything that could go wrong, and make it worse.  This makes the plan more robust.

Catching up.

As usual, starting with overheard things — it almost always cheers me up:

I’ve been doing many things involving streaming flv video files:

Some wordpress (and other geeky) stuff:

Funny and interesting things:

Catchup blogging for the new year…

(This is a big list)

All things overheard:

Now that you are in a good mood, here come the geeky things:

Now, let’s explore what grabbed my attention politically:

Parenting stuff:

Funny things:

And finally, just a few things that are interesting:

More catchup blogging…

Once again, we start with things overheard:

And continue with geeky things:

General interest:

Catching up more often, lately…

Blog catchup, yet again

Catchup blogging

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2blog folder catchup, yet again

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Catchup, yet again