Did you know I have a superpower?

No, really — it’s true. I even use it for the forces of good!

What, I hear you plead, could J’s superpower possibly be?

Anything you give me, I can take it and make it worse.

Many folks wonder how useful this particular superpower is. Allow me to describe:  Someone walks into our office, supposedly to get something IT-ish done.  They listen to what we are talking about, and are so appalled that they either forget what they came in for, or are driven off.  Now, that’s not using it for good, but it is useful sometimes.

To use it for good requires more effort, to wit:  We are planning something — an upgrade, perhaps.  We talk about things that could go wrong, and how we should plan for them.  I take everything that could go wrong, and make it worse.  This makes the plan more robust.