So, the key question is this:

Is “Dexter” being put out of my misery? Or am I being put out of “Dexter’s” misery?

There is a reason why for the past (n) weeks I’ve watched Dexter before “Breaking Bad”.

That reason? So that I would NOT waste energy screaming at the TV about how awful Dexter had become.

The ONLY saving grace in my life is eleven years old. Scott Buck, as a viewer of the show for 7 seasons, I deserve to watch some pain, some contrition. Instead, all I’ve seen has been safe, stable continuation of unbelievable premises. For shame!

At least Water White is going to stand up for what he is, and what he’s done. He’s a horrible human, but he is going to fight for his right to be human….

Not some lame caricature that resurrects himself with no connection to his past. Shame on you, Scott Buck. Had you cut that last lumberjack-off minute, you would have had a decent show. Shame on you.

And, yes. I expect the phrase “lumber-jackoff” to stick, and to apply to you for the rest of your career. You’re welcome.