A few thoughts as 28 years end, and year 29 begins…

So, Cy and I spent dinner tonight talking. After 28 years together, that’s still my favorite part of us being together. Usually we’re laughing and joking, but I even appreciate those times when we argue. Let’s face it, he usually comes around to my side sooner or later! (Or maybe it’s the other way ’round, but who’s counting!)

I love that when we chose to become parents, we both dedicated ourselves to her. I love how she reflects both of us, and I love how she stands up to us. I love how her sense of humor reflects both of ours, yet stands independently alone as her own.

Cy, I love how working so closely with you these past two years feels like a fresh start, without forgetting the past. I love how you encourage me to new challenges. I love that twinkle in your eye that first caught my eye, and I love that I know I will see it tomorrow, and again and again for the next 29+ years. I love that we’ve grown up together, and I love that I believe that we’ll grow old together.

Happy anniversary!