If you hate gay marriage, have I got bad news for you….

So, not only are Cy and I getting married, BUT you’re losing the USA in a big, BIG way.

For those of you who really think that Natalie Grant was being “brave” for walking out on the Grammy’s (heh, I initially mis-typed that is “Granny’s”), may I suggest a few other places you might feel more welcome?

First of all, go enjoy the Olympic games at Sochi. According to their Mayor, no fags there! So: descend, my straight AND narrow hordes! Descend upon Sochi! (Go ahead — show them that there are closeted Bi folks!)

Then — oooo! — Saudi Arabia! No fags (but plenty of post-op-transexuals — women, in the eyes of the Wahabist!) You know what else you’ll love about the Saudis? No women drivers! (OK, OK, no PRE-OP women drivers!)

But honestly, if you’re a true — and I do mean TRUE — libertarian? There’s no place better than Somalia! Taxes? NONE! Goernment regulation? NONE! Personal freedom? Whatever you can defend with your own night! Now THAT’S the true Ayn Randian experience! (Holy crap, I sound like a travelogue!)

Finally, Uganda: you and your friends worked SO hard to be allowed to kill me there (should I ever be SO stupid as to go!) howsabout you go there for me instead?