Catchup blogging…

These are all things that are either too specific or too small to deserve a post of their own.

Another month of catchup blogging:

Catchup blogging

It’s the first of the month; time to clear out that folder (though I’m now using the “unsorted bookmarks” folder in foxmarks…

Also, the job has been keeping me rather busy, so expect a shorter list:

This month, there are even several decent things overheard:

And now, the rest of the bookmarks are unsorted:

Time to catch up the 2blog folder…

Happy new year!

As usual, things overheard start us off

Geeky links:

Political things:

Parenting and golf go together in my book:

Funny things:

Much delayed catchup blogging…

As usual, starting with things overheard:

Many, many geeky links to catch up on:

Family/golf things:

Political links (yes, overdue):

Purely entertaining:

Work has been busy, lots of 2blog folder catching up to do…

As usual, starting with things overheard:

Plenty of geeky things (lots of these also fit into other categories):

Parenting things:

Golf things:


Just funny:

And one film link:

Catching up more often…

Fewer overheard links (I’ve been busy!):

Lots of geeky things, however:

Political things:

A few things about being gay and parenting:

And some just about being Grace’s daddy:

And some generally funny or interesting things:

Time to make the 2blog folder catchup post…

As usual, starting with all things overheard:

For geeky things, I’m going to start off with some privacy links (to opt-out of tracking for advertising cookies):

And the rest of the geek links:

Political things:

Some parenting links:

Some things just for Cy:

And just plain interesting:

catchup blogging, again

Things overheard:

Geeky links:

Political things:

Interesting/funny/parenting and golf things:

That last one makes my first idea for Grace’s name (Entropy) seem positively mundane.  Right?

Time for catchup blogging!

As is my custom, we begin with things overheard:

And since we’ve been travelling waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much, here are some beach sites:

Geeky things:

Political things:

Funny things:

And finally, parenting:

Catching up again…

First, things overheard:

Geeky things:



Time to empty the 2blog folder

For those who care, I have really, *really* short names for my bookmarks toolbar folders — for instance, my leftmost folder, which contains links that I visit daily, is labelled simply ‘1’.  I use foxmarks to keep my bookmarks synchronized between all my browsers, and I use the “Add Bookmark Here2” plugin to just add pages to that 2blog folder when I come across a page I want to share later.

Then, once it gets overwhelmingly large, I just copy the links from that folder to a post.

As usual I start with things overheard:

Geeky things:

Political things:

Just generally interesting:

Catching up again…

It has been busy — as I’m sure you can tell from the photoblog. Man, oh man is that 2blog folder full!

Starting with all things overheard:

(I told you it has been a while!)

And, in honor of the official end of the Democratic primary season, all things political come next:

There are a slew of geeky links:

It’s summertime here in Austin:

I’m not such a bad dad, after all…